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The specialty of LOVE
In every human life and will
certainly never experienced a fall in
Love does not know the age, time,
color, religion, descent, degree, or
the other.
However, each individual human
being - their love has definii itself.
So in which category are you in
Love is not temporary or can be
replaced. Why? Back to our
individual self - the individual does
not have to know this answer we
return to ourselves each - each.
Similarly, its coming and going of
love itself.
Can a man or woman who never
knew the word love? If I dare say
Each man or woman certainly know
the word love, whether that new-
born babies, children, adolescents,
or adults. Why am I so confident
with this answer!
The reason for me, because every
human being to know God's word.
Then how about the communists
who do not know God?
God created they a heart.
Words from the heart, love is not
separated from the word. When we
fall in love surely is one word said
although different course which will
be spoken, but the meaning and
significance is to the exact one and
the same sentence as most of this
"blooming heart."
And again when we have dropped
out of love, like this "broken heart".
After a period of years the word
love is never dissolved, shame, loss
or boring for
said in, discussed, and the like.
Because love is a grace of the
Almighty Creator for the servants.
With love we can know love, with
love we can see people laughing,
with love we can see people crying
with love we can see the world
Are there any people who hate you?
"I do not know that." But for me
when there are people who hate
love how stupid they are.
The specifics of love, indeed jarring,
meaning many, and many people
sometimes like mad. How beautiful
While just the word love, but he can
make thousands of words,
sentences, thousands- thousands of
people spellbound wich one of these
words. LOVE.
Hopefully, we still want to know
love, with love let us build a better
world and beautiful.
Love will find a way.
by; md ......
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